Pity it’s Pithy

Deep thoughts for shallow people


Because I doubt it is shorter than your attention span and I suspect will go unread by most.

You might be shallow. Or you may have spent too much time wading in the shallows. You may not have depth because you are not in deep.

In this blog I offer depth. If you spend time gorging on the minnows of social media, celebrity gossip, and reality shows about fake people, stop by this blog for some of the greatest minds, some of the deepest subjects, and some of the biggest questions. I offer brief commentary along with a quote and the source.

And maybe, just maybe, you might skip that rerun of Little Women L.A. or the soap opera of sports and go a bit deeper into something above you. Something that challenges you, changes you, or transforms you. Or just makes you smarter, wiser, or better. Or maybe it will keep you from arriving at the end of your life, the star of your own social media show, having lived but missed the point.