Barbarians At The Gate

by Timothy Lusch

Portal Of Pathetic Pieties

The Works of Thomas Sowell

Tired of stupidity masquerading as enlightenment? Enter Thomas Sowell, American economist, social critic, political thinker, and columnist. The brevity of Sowell demonstrates the weight of his wit. He says more with a lot less.  A rare thing indeed for an academic, but perhaps rarer still, is Sowell’s clarity and insight into the persistent problems in our society.  Race, economics, politics, you name it—Sowell illuminates it.  A humble and brilliant thinker, he punctures the pieties of the new orthodoxy. Socialism, multiculturalism, moral and cultural equivalence, or liberal platitudes of race that taint our togetherness, Sowell deflates each in turn.  Agree or disagree, he will make you think deeper in less time.  He understands the enemies of a free society, both foreign and domestic. Indeed, he reminds us, we have enemies. And they are waiting for our weakness.

Whether on college campuses or among nations on the world stage, if the battle comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are bound to win.