Powerless Over The Power Within

by Timothy Lusch

Violence, Power, and the Heart of Man

The End of the Modern World by Romano Guardini

Armenia.  Auschwitz.  Rwanda. Christian Syria.  The power of man has grown over the millennia.  So has our misuse of it.  God gave Adam and Eve dominion over all creation.  It wasn’t long before our primeval parents rejected the authority of God for the power of the Serpent.  Even today, so many of us see the natural authority of God as a burden, and we trade it for the free power of the Serpent.  We forget that the authority of God gives us Eden, the power of the Serpent gives us Exile.  All the evil in the world has its origin in the human heart.  In this book by renowned German-Italian philosopher and theologian, Romano Guardini, we read in panoramic detail about man struggling to master the world and free himself.  We learn that instead man is in thrall to power because he does not master himself.  Guardini is not predicting an end to the world.   Rather, he is teaching us about the end of the modern age and the power driven violence of the age to come.  We see our world on fire in so many ways and we know it is true.  And we should know this is just the beginning.  The answer is within and the hope is Above.

“Man today holds power over things, but we can assert confidently that he does not yet have power over his own power.”

“Now and forever man will live at the brink of an ever-growing danger which shall leave its mark upon his entire existence.”

“Again and again one is haunted by the fear that in the final analysis only violence will be used in an effort to solve the flood of problems which threaten to engulf humanity.”