A Novel Crisis

by Timothy Lusch


The Crisis of Modernity by Agosto Del Noce

I can hear the groans. Who is this guy and why do we care? It is because you do not know him that you need to learn.  But then again, that might be a novel new approach for you in your life.

Del Noce was an Italian philosopher and political thinker during the twentieth century. His works are largely untranslated and hard to find. The Crisis of Modernity was recently translated and is available at libraries and online.  Del Noce was concerned with, among other things, our modern age’s confusion of authority and power. The roots of which, if not understood by world leaders, will strangle our civilization.  It is dense and difficult but it offers great rewards beyond novelty.

“The only possible conclusion was that ‘novelty’ is a synonym of regression rather than progress.”