Quibbles And Bits

by Timothy Lusch

Love In The In Between

Two Lives by William Trevor 

William Trevor (1928-2016) was an Irish novelist, playwright and short story writer. Less than two weeks ago, Trevor joined the ranks of the grateful dead. He lived a full life, at least a full writer’s life, in which he won many prizes for his stories. Trevor told tales of life on the margin, and marginal lives, of incomplete people being completely human. A generosity toward his characters gives Trevor a discerning eye for greatness in the smallness of things. In this book, really two novellas, Trevor writes about two women, two messy lives, and love in the bits and pieces. In the end, it is all any of us really have.

“A person’s life isn’t orderly …it runs about all over the place, in and out through time. The present’s hardly there; the future doesn’t exist. Only love matters in the bits and pieces of a person’s life.”