The Russians Are Coming!

by Timothy Lusch

Back Is the New Forward

War, Progress, and the End of History by Vladimir Soloviev 

I can hear the groans.  All five of you.  The Russians? Really? It’s just that, you know, they’re so dark and brooding.  Yes, they are. That is precisely why we should be reading them. Because if we brood with them in their darkness, we will see clearly by the light of wisdom. Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900), Russian poet, philosopher, and mystic (and I would add prophet), is not writing a Hollywood screenplay based on the Left Behind series.  But as Christians we believe in Christ, and in the one Christ warned us about, that is, the Anti-Christ.  The doctrine of the Anti-Christ has been with us for two thousand years and written about by such luminaries as Aquinas.  Soloviev writes in this tradition.  His point is not to scare, it is rather to warn and prepare.  The world is not eternal. The End will come.  It does not matter when, but it does matter that each of us is ready.  You either believe this is true or you believe it is untrue.  If the latter, well, go your ways.  If the former, then it is incumbent upon all of us to look around and see the forces coalescing against the Truth.  These forces are not innocuous expressions of human freedom. They are the rebellion of Lucifer continued on earth.  Therefore, as the Master said, be vigilant and stay awake. And while you are awake, read the Russians.

“a willful blindness to the existing and coming state of things is too readily indulged in by many people today”

“The historical forces reigning over the masses of humanity will yet have to come to blows and become intermingled with each other before the new head grows on the self-lacerating body of the beast: the world unifying power of the Anti-Christ, who ‘will speak high-sounding and splendid words,’ and will cast a glittering veil of good and truth over the mystery of utter lawlessness in the time of its final revelation, so that even the chosen, in the words of the Scriptures, will be reduced to the great betrayal.”