Casting Out The Demon Of Denial

by Timothy Lusch

Denial of the Demon Haunted World

The New Demons by Jacques Ellul

One of my favorite lines from the movie, The Usual Suspects, is spoken by Verbal Kint (Kevin Spacey). “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”  Years ago, Carl Sagan (you know, the Billions and Billions guy) authored a book called The Demon Haunted World, bemoaning  pseudoscience, and with it, religious belief, as plaguing the world in the shape of demons.  Irrational beliefs of unenlightened humans.  The only antidote, per Sagan, is scientific truth.  Science is the only arbiter of truth.  All else must step aside as so much rubbish.  The trouble, though, is that in the rarified air of cosmology, or the cozy consensus of climate change scientists, you do not end up with a Universal Truth supported by indisputable evidence.  You get belief.  Not in God, of course, but belief—unsupported by experimental evidence—in climate changing (it no doubt is) exactly the way science says it is, or belief in the origin of the universe the way cosmologists say it originated.  These are merely beliefs wearing the fashionable cloak of science.  Jacques Ellul, French theologian, professor, and Christian anarchist,  points out in his book, The New Demons, that whether we acknowledge it or not, we all worship.  It may be God,  money, or the government, but it’s worship and we do it.  So simply stamping out traditional religion, i.e. Christianity, Judaism, et al we get new ones.  That is, the belief in an ideology as the Universal Truth.  There is plenty of evidence for this throughout history. Environmentalism, Scientism, Socialism, and Individualism all possess the passion and fervor of religion.  So whom or what do you serve?

“The elimination of traditional religions by modern culture is a process that creates new religions.”