Sign of Contradiction

by Timothy Lusch

The Lie of the World and the Freedom of Truth

Letters, Essays, & Notebooks of Simone Weil

Do NOT read Simone Weil if you wish to remain comfortable and undisturbed in your life.  T.S. Eliot famously described this extraordinary woman as “at the same time more truly a lover of order and hierarchy than most of those who call themselves Conservative, and more truly a lover of the people than most of those who call themselves Socialist.”  She possessed the wisdom of age though she died young, she possessed profound depth in a world of shallow preoccupation, and she sought the truth even in the world’s most cherished lies.  She understood true freedom of a person, body and soul, exists in obedience.  Not a forced obedience by power or money (bearing the mark of slavery or prostitution) but an obedience freely given.  An obedience that acknowledges the truth of our origin in the Origin of Truth.  We are the Imago Dei.

Since obedience is in fact the imprescribable law of human life, the only distinction that needs to be made is between obedience which is consented to and obedience which is not.  Where obedience is consented to there is freedom: there, and nowhere else.  It is not in parliament, nor in the press, nor in any institution that freedom can dwell.  It dwells in obedience.  Where obedience does not have everywhere a daily and permanent flavor of freedom, there is no freedom.  Freedom is the flavor of true obedience.